The kernel and rhythm of Cuba

Cuba has been a relief to my soul which made me find a lost inner peace and rethink issues about race.  Cuba reminds me of life, even though it has its own struggle with poverty like every  other country in the world. However, everything in this country has art , energy, rhythm, and colours. From buildings to paintings, food, hairstyles, foods and its kind people. 

I come from Spain, a country that has a variety of black communities: Africans, Afrolatinos, and mixed people like me, mainly from African heritage. Nevertheless, Spain like any other western country has its problems with racism while it tries to deny its presence. In Spain, your blackness seems to be a problem that does not allow you to be Spanish. As many times the police or administration workers ask you for you passport, assuming you cannot be black and Spanish, moreover, you have to be a foreigner or like they try to label you, an immigrant. However, in Cuba being black was a privilege, every single person from waiters, taxis drivers, sellers, and pedestrians referred to the blackness in every conversation as they said:

See this colour, that means we are brothers and sisters from Africa


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