After 25 years I finally discovered my African heritage which it is taking me through an intense and nourishing journey where I am meeting myself and understanding race and gender relations. Welcome to the Chapter one of my life: Awareness


Ode to my roots

The rivers of Africa run in my veins. The rhythm of its music shakes my legs. The sun above Virunga glows on my face. Cocoa and Shea butter protect my soul’s vase. From Togo to Congo, this is the trace for many years of migrations before I was created. I am daughter of Nigeria, of Ògún and Ọ̀ṣun. I don’t fear blows because I am a warrior like Queen Amina who for reign was born. I am a child of Africa with honor, therefore, no one will lower my banner.

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Cultural imperialism and globalization

The western countries and the United States occupied the power of the world economy more than four centuries ago, thus provoking the control of world culture and the mass media. As we have seen, the media is a business shaped by economic and political decisions, which goes beyond just sharing culture worldwide, but to acquire more users, viewers, and listeners.

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